Beyond the Senior Engineer.

You are a great developer. You’ve got a team of great developers. They produce high-quality code, when you need it, without cutting corners.

So why do you still have that impression that more is possible? Where do you go from here, how do you and your team grow?

Labrary’s training courses are based on the philosophy that there is more to being a software engineer than engineering software. That being a capable developer gets you so far, then it’s time to think about the other skills:

Labrary training is not an introductory course for new programmers. It’s for seniors who want to be leads, or principles. It’s for whole teams who want to be more effective. Not at programming, but at creating and delivering quality software.

Labrary training for your team

Your team can benefit from the two-day Labrary training programme at your site. You can apply the lessons and principles learned to your own code, in your own environment. If you’ve got a conference or meeting room with a projector and enough space for your team plus one, we’re good to go.

Contact Head Labrarian, Graham Lee to discuss availability and booking.

Labrary training for you

Currently it is not possible to attend a Labrary course as an individual. If this is something you’d be interested in doing, please schedule office hours so we can discuss your needs and find a way to support you.