Graham Lee: Your team’s helpful labrarian.

Often, what’s needed on those frustrating problems in delivering high-quality software is a fresh pair of eyes, and some external experience. A mixture of experimentation in the lab, and research in the library. Because you simultaneously want to stop and think, and move fast.

Labrary offers a consulting labrarian for your software or research software engineering team. Don’t think “I need to implement a big transformation programme and want to get a consultant in”. Instead, think “Most of this team’s work is great, and I wish these other things were going so well.” Or “We’re going to try something new, and want to make sure we’re solving the right problems.” You don’t need someone to tell you you’re doing Agile wrong, you need to locate and address a bottleneck, open the team’s eyes to a surprising blind spot, or bootstrap the team with some extra experience.

As a first step, set up a free, one-hour “office hours” session with Graham. Then let’s see how your team can combine a few hours in the lab with a few in the library to become even more awesome.

What sorts of issues?

  • Splitting the monolith: designing microservices architectures; going cloud-native or serverless; integrating Artificial Intelligence capabilities into existing platforms and products
  • High-Performance Computing: bringing devops and continuous delivery to scientific research software; improving portability of HPC codes; identifying and addressing performance bottlenecks
  • Move fast and fix things: continuous integration and delivery technology, teams and practices; building high-velocity capable engineering teams; measuring and responding to the data; paying down technical debt without grinding to a halt
  • Building it right: database design; software architecture; object-oriented and functional program decomposition; TDD, Property-Based Testing and Design by Contract
  • One team: communication between scientists and software engineers; between software engineers and domain experts; between software engineers and other software engineers

Experience and Expertise

Graham has been working for 15 years in the world of software. In that time, he has:

  • ported legacy NeXTSTEP applications to modern Unix platforms;
  • tested a massive, parallel, distributed SMS and MMS messaging platform;
  • designed and built secure software for Macs, iPads and iPhones;
  • helped to modularise a particle accelerator’s control software;
  • built innovative mobile applications;
  • reduced the latency of Facebook’s mobile application releases;
  • mentored, managed, coached and trained developers;
  • improved performance analysis of High-Performance Computing codes;
  • implemented an “impossible” robo-advisor by augmenting an existing fintech platform with Artificial Intelligence;
  • more!

Additionally Graham has written books on software development practices and frequently gives talks in the field. He holds Masters degrees from Oxford in Software Engineering and Physics.

Graham, like the Labrary, is based in the historic town of Warwick in the West midlands. He regularly travels throughout Warwickshire and the Greater Birmingham area to attend meet ups and give talks, and is seen speaking at technology conferences across Europe.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.