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Artificial Intelligence • Continuous Delivery • Software Architecture • Technical Writing • Developer Experience

Who are you?

I’m Graham. I look like this:

Graham Lee: Head Labrarian

What do you do?

I make it easier and faster to create and release software that respects privacy and freedom. I do this from my base in Warwick, in England’s West Midlands.

Why do I want one of those?

Your software team was going great guns when it started out. You very quickly got to an MVP, validated its fit with early successes, and added the missing features. You hired a few more developers to cover the demand.

Now, things are starting to feel slower. The team insists they’re still continuing apace, but you haven’t kept that initial excitement. Developers are grumbling about technical debt. The backlog keeps growing. Testers aren’t keeping up - despite automation. The initial customers aren’t getting the benefits they first expected, and new customers aren’t being won at the rate you’d like.

So what happened?

Often what is slowing a team down isn’t their ability to write software, it’s knowing whether it’s the correct software. If we are confident that everything from the emerging technologies strategy, customer understanding and product design activities to the software delivery process is pointing in the right direction, we can hypothesise improvements to our software knowing that we will be able to validate them. Then, we can make our products better, with evidence. And we can make fixes, try experiments, clean up the rough edges, all that much faster.

What sort of emerging technologies?

I’m uniquely placed, with a background in science, software, and scientific software, at the intersection between academic advances and commercial practice. Whether it’s adopting AI, improving the scaling of your software with High-Performance Computing techniques, implementing a continuous delivery pipeline, upping your automated testing game, or beyond, I can help out.


Training, consultancy, and mentoring. I created the PETRI framework to help decision makers understand how the three complex systems comprising their software products interact. Whether you’re a CTO looking to build an AI strategy, a lead engineer wanting to upskill your team, or a research team leader who needs sustainable software practices, get in touch and find out more.

Do you have any experience?

I’ve been working in computing for over fifteen years. I’ve worked on UNIX workstations, mobile phones, particle accelerators, financial technology, and more. I’ve written books on software engineering, given talks at conferences around the world, and of course written software.

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