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Artificial Intelligence • Continuous Delivery • Software Architecture

Does your company lack a coherent, realistic, AI and machine learning strategy?

Has your software team struggled to replicate earlier successes?

Are you wondering why your high-velocity engineering team doesn’t translate to more sales?

Are you storming through your feature backlog, but never have time to deal with technical debt?

The Labrary is here to help you! We help your team move forward, by understanding the state of the art in the library and combining it with experimentation in the laboratory. Start by scheduling office hours to discuss your needs, and how we can help. We are based in Warwick, close to Leamington Spa, Birmingham and Coventry, and happy to come to your team to help you understand your three distributed systems:

  • the software;
  • the people making, selling, and running the software;
  • the people buying and using the software.

Graham Lee: Head Labrarian


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